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cirque post1 by overlord-costume-art cirque post1 by overlord-costume-art
Join the cirque Revolution

Let me briefly introduce you to a new name to the cosplay world called Cirque /Cirque Punk/Circus punk. A NEW COSPLAY NAME


Let me briefly introduce you to a new name to the cosplay world call cirque /cirque punk/circus punk. (you heard it here first) a new name to the cosplay world and hope the next big costume movment. my first costume to start this new cosplay genre is not finished yet but it is going to be a very ellaborate ringmaster. The ideas for cirque punk are endless and just as versatile as any other cosplay genre, you could go absolutely wild with this subject and this costume style, for example one dress made for two hence siamese twins, the bearded woman/ring master tatooed lady. Then you also have a couple of hundreds years to choose which era to represent with this costume style as the circus has been running for at least that amount of time or even fuse those eras and come up with a calloboration of different costume styles from different decades or even centuries.with This costume style, the sky's the limit . You can go completely mad. I think this will really apeal to those in the cosplay world as i believe we have a lot in common with those travelling circus people etc on exhibition, a feeling of being or wanting to be different to everyone else and also being despised and yet admired at the same time. Hope this explains a little about this new style, if you decide this is for you I am sure you are going to have the most amount of fun with this and the shock tactics are going to be crazy on this one . So help spread the word.

i first thought of cirquepunk about 7 years ago but steampunk was big then,so i waited for the right time to introduce it,and that time is now.

cirquepunk was designed for all cosplayer (no matter what your cosplay genre)to join in and put there owen take on it.

thanks to every one who has supported me in my previous projects but this one is a winner for sure.
Thank you Liam brandon murray founder of cirque /cirque punk/circus punk.

thanks to sonja who worked on this picture for me, she did everything I asked and more, fantastic job, looking forward to working with Sonja again, check out her page. Sonja can also add her name to the first person to work on this new costume genre, cirque so credit to her for that also.
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Silk-Elle-LaBoe Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Professional Writer
You got a new Fan ;)
OctoberWolfe Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2011
As amazing as that looks, it makes me sob on the inside to see someone using my term (cirquepunk) to describe something so steampunky...
first of all, you really shouldn't be saying what you are saying without having a clue on who I am, when I had the idea and what I had the idea for. My name, cirquepunk, was for a cosplay genre and for fashion. Yours looks like it was for art, I think. No disprespect but I came up with that name many years ago and it come completely out of my own imagination and no where else, especially not from you and it is not steampunk, it is a work in progress for an elaborate ring master costume and the cirque punk cosplay genre is for all cosplayers, from all different genres, to put what take on it, they wish, that is what this was designed to do. If you read my cirque punk pages you would have read this. i don't what to come across as angry as I'm not but as to say it is your term is completely wrong. Many people know me for the cirquepunk name, for several years now.
OctoberWolfe Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
I'm not saying you stole it or anything, nothing of the sort, and, as I said, I think what you've made shows an amazing amount of skill. I just feel that it looks very steampunky with the colour scheme and the general look of it.
It's just a little jarring to see the same term that I use for a style I've been working on for a while (not just art, as a style of clothing too. I've got a lot of things planned to make.) and having it look completely different from my own mental image. I meant no disrespect and probably didn't word my comment as well as I should.
I've seen you at Whitby a few times (if you are who I think you are, that is), and always think the things you've put together are pretty damn good.
great minds think alike.look foward to seeing you in whitby,come and introduce your self .
Elchanan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work!:hug:
kaze9th Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Studiopranile Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
My link is not working on your page, please fix the correct link [link]
thank you
overlord-costume-art Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
a sorry about that sonja, didnt no. the link works now.another great picture well done
again will send you email later

thanks again liam.
fangrl62 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
that is absolutely incredible... was there anything in particular that inspired this?
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